Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Goal Wrap Up

If you want to read my original post about my goals for February, check it out here.

Overall, not too shabby.
I could use some work though.

mental health// tell myself every morning that I am beautiful.
I started the month by doing this, but I definitely started to slack off. 
However, after going to my therapy appointment this month, we got on the topic of when I look better, I'll feel better. 
So I've been putting some more effort into my appearance lately, which has made me definitely start to feel better, which was kind of the purpose of this goal, correct?

physical health & weight// go to the dentist.
Yep. Sure did. 
It was terrifying.
Read about it here.

Also, I have to go back over Spring Break.

relationships// send Shelbie something for her birthday
I sent her a personalized birthday card. :)

faith// No Facebook February

Yes ma'am (or sir). I've been off of Facebook all month.
The only exception is that it popped up once when I clicked "Log on with Facebook" from another website.

I didn't click on anything though. I just know how many notifications I have.

money// have all bills caught up
Yesssssss! This is seriously the greatest thing ever. I did it.

project pinterest// project to be determined

Yep. I ended up making something for Daniel for Valentine's Day.
I wrote about it here.

savings goal// $87



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