Saturday, February 21, 2015

Massacre in my Mouth

It's been a while since I've actually had a panic attack. I guess going to the dentist brings out the best in me.

That's what I would have tweeted yesterday morning if I were still using Twitter at the moment.
I HATE the dentist. It is TERRIFYING to me. 

I was sweating.
I felt sick.
Classic panic attack symptoms.
It was great I tell you.

However, I'm now a little older (okay it's been 5 years since the last time) so I'm trying to be responsible about this stuff so I forced myself to go.

Having a semi panic attack on my way to the dentist office was just the start.

There were MANNEQUINS in the waiting room.
Weird, yes. But people deal, right?
Fun fact: I'm actually unreasonably terrified of mannequins.

I will probably have nightmares from looking this up but I had to prove my point!)

Think I'm joking? One time a couple years ago, I accidentally bumped into one and cried. Panicked so hard I almost passed out.
I know it's weird, but they scare me.
I can't go in an Old Navy...

Anyway, there's mannequins there and they were dressed up like secret agents and old people, which was even scarier.
(I later learned the agents were actually supposed to be the Blues Brothers)

When they called me back with them, I got a tour of the place.
It was actually pretty nice.
Until I turned a corner and there was a collection of stuff that included a freaking spider (not live).

Now I'm freaking out and they haven't even started on my teeth!

They cleaned my teeth which took just about forever (it's been five years, remember?) and I made an appointment to fix my cavities.

I'm proud of myself for going and all that but I'm still kinda traumatized.

This very well could have been titled - That Time I Went To The Dentist and Almost Had a Heart Attack.

(It also very well could have been written better if I wrote it right after it happened while I was still recovering, but I still had to get my thoughts out there. That's what counts, right?)

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