Sunday, February 8, 2015


  1. 1.
    in a state of peaceful happiness.
    "he seemed more content, less bitter"
    synonyms:contentedsatisfiedpleased, gratified, fulfilledhappycheerfulglad;More

Thanks Google! I owe you one.

For me, learning to be content is a very difficult process.
I feel like I'm always stressing about something, worrying what's going to happen next, being angry at something that happened previously.
It's so hard to sit down, be in the moment, and be content.

In fact, that's something I'm working on in therapy.

However, at the times where I can convince myself to be there and be content, it's a fantastic feeling.
I love the feeling of not being overly happy, but not being sad.
Just being aware.
Being there.
Experiencing what is happening at that moment.
And feeling good about it.

I think the place I get this feeling the most is at church, usually our small group.
I just love being there. It gives me this feeling that is hard to explain.
I think that feeling is contentment. (Again, hard for me to even recognize at this point.)

Another thing that's difficult, but worthwhile, is learning to be content with where your life is.
Sure, my husband doesn't have a job (and hasn't for a year now), but y'know what? I don't care.
Does it make me HAPPY that he doesn't have a job? HA! No.
Does it make me SAD? Honestly, not really. Sure, it's a bummer. But I'm not torn up about it.

I'm busy all the time. I work three jobs. Let's just be honest. It's a lot.
Am I HAPPY that I have to do this? No. I'd be happy with two jobs, but three is overkill.
Am I SAD that I have to do this? Again, not really. Of course there's the occasional "This is killing me. I need to quit. Why do I have to do this?" but overall? I don't mind all that much. 
I'm fairly content.

Being content is something I'm definitely working on. 
It's difficult.
It's a feeling that comes and goes.
But, I'm working on it and I think it's well worth it to take a few minutes every day to just relax, let your stresses go, and be content.

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  1. I adore the word contentment. I think there are so many ways it can be applied to our lives. I've always told my friends going through hard times that if it isn't this most recent thing, there will be something in the future just as awful. We have to learn to be content each day to survive whatever comes our way. Hey, that rhymed! What what!! Great post :)


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