Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Goal Wrap-Up

I seriously cannot believe March is already over.
This year is FLYING by.

In March I had a two-week "Spring Break" from school, where I spent 60+ hours a week working my other two jobs, saving money for Tennessee.
When I got back to school on Monday, I made a kid cry by 9:30 am. (Oops)

I watched an obnoxious amount of TV, read a lot of books. You know, the usual.

But, here's how my goals went for March.

mental health// Continue reading & working through the Anxiety/Phobia Workbook and read Goodbye ED, Hello Me.
Done. I finished Goodbye ED, Hello Me and got a lot of good strategies from it. I haven't read a whole lot more of the Anxiety/Phobia Workbook, but I plan on going back to that now that I've finished the other. 

physical health & weight// Work out 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Fail. Fail. Fail.
I think I worked out 3 times this MONTH.

relationships// Mail things to the #fireworkpeople and to my friend Stephanie.

I sent mail back to the #fireworkpeople, but I did not send mail to Stephanie. 

faith// No Twitter. Replace this with reading/prayer.

Here's the thing. I have stayed off of Twitter this whole month (and actually all of Lent), but I can't honestly say that I spent more time in prayer because of it. 
Halfsies again!

money// Put money away for our trip to Tennessee.
Yes, yes I did. 
I bought a Groupon for one of the things we are doing while we are down there. Then I bought a rechargeable Visa card and put enough money on it for gas, plus some extra. This way, I can't touch that money until we go, but we are guaranteed enough. I also have a couple more pay days before we go so hopefully I can make this really good.

project pinterest// project to be determined
I made cute little coasters. :)

savings goal// $102

And I replaced the money I borrowed from the past two months.
Yay for working all spring break!


  1. Which part of Tennessee will you be going to? What do you plan to do while there?

  2. We are going to Nashville. Not sure exactly what we are doing there beyond the Musician Hall of Fame and the Jack Daniel's factory. Visit downtown... not sure! Haha.


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