Friday, March 13, 2015

High Five Friday

It's finally Friday again!

1. This week I had a pretty big breakthrough with Ed and with my faith. You can read about my relationship with Ed here and the breakthrough here.

2. I'm ahead on planning out my blogs. Actually, I wrote this one on Tuesday. And I have the month at least semi-planned. I've even started looking at my calendar for April.

3. I don't work until 2 tomorrow, so I finally get to get some sleep. I've been so exhausted ever since this time change thing. I just can't get used to it. I'm not a morning person ever...but it's been even worse lately.

4. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week. I'm so glad that we are back into short sleeves and lighter clothes. Bye-bye winter coat!


Enough said.  It starts today and I'm really excited to have two weeks "off".

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