Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 10 Things I Miss About High School

In no particular order:

1. Choir - Y'all, I was a choir geek. But not in the "I was in the very best choir and practiced every day" way. It was in the way where I genuinely loved to sing and perform.
My favorite was the "Pops Concerts", where we would sing fun songs and put dance moves with it. I LOVED combining those two elements. I would always get told that I was more "into it" than most of the rest of the choir. This is also why I loved show choir (even though we weren't very good).

2. Living with Mom & Dad - Obviously there are some downfalls to this, but there are many benefits too. For one, I never had to worry about having somewhere to sleep at night. I always had a roof over my head and almost more importantly, food in my belly.
My parents always provided me with all my needs and I'm forever grateful for that. Sometimes things like grocery shopping are things I don't want to do. But my mommy always did that for me. :)

3. Going to class - #nerdalert Seriously though, I miss going to class every day. I love learning and if I could, I'd be a lifetime student. I'm literally so excited to go back to school...and I just left.

4. Seeing your friends every day - with no effort - Sure, I could potentially see my friends every day now (probably not actually) but that would involve a lot of effort - phone calls, texts, making plans of where to meet, who will be there, etc. Back then it was as simple as going to school. You can see your friends before school, after school, at lunch, between classes, and even during class if you're lucky.

5. No bills - This kind of goes under the "living with Mom and Dad" part. But back then, I didn't have my own bills. I didn't have to worry about paying anything just to have a light on in my home. Or just to HAVE a home. Now that's on me...and that's not as fun.

6. Volleyball - I loved sports growing up. I did my time with ballet, tap, hip hop dance, jazz dance, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, track, and dance team. But my absolute favorite (and the only one I played for as long as possible) was volleyball. If I could, I would play volleyball every day of my life. I love it and one of the things I miss most about high school is the court.
I also miss how fit I was because of it. Practicing every day during the season kept me in shape. Now I'm kind of a blob and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm no longer in sports.

7. School dances - I'll be real with you. Prom sucked. I went three times. The first time wasn't bad, the second time I was horribly ill by the end, and the third time I left early, crying.
But school dances overall are something I miss. Getting ready with your friends, dancing the night away...

8. Spanish class - My Spanish class was the best. It wasn't the teacher that made the class, but the students. My senior year is the one that sticks out the most. We were finally learning to speak the language and of course those of us who got the hang of it took off and started talking about anything and everything during class. It was nuts.
I also got to take a trip to the gorgeous Caribbean country of Costa Rica thanks to my Spanish class. This trip changed my life and the way I see the world.
Plus I just think Spanish is a beautiful language. I wish I could speak it more fluently. As I mentioned in my About Me, my dream is to travel Central & South America, so Spanish would be super helpful.

9. Carrying a backpack - This is one of those super lame things too, but I miss carrying a backpack. The way it fits over your shoulders and carries everything you'll ever need. Now I just have a purse and that's not as exciting.

10. Football games - Every Friday night during fall of my high school years was spent at the football field. Was I particularly interested in the sport? No. Was I dating a player? No. But football games were the place to be, especially in my small town. Everyone was there - all my friends in one place. We got to be outside in the cool, fall air - cheering for our team and eating popcorn.

What do you miss most about high school?

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  1. I totally miss the no bills and going to class each day as well!


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