Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Bookshelf

In the past, I've tried writing and posting a book review every time I finished a book.
Then, we hit a point where I was finishing a (couple) books every 1-3 days, so I decided if I wanted to be able to post anything else on my blog, that wasn't going to work anymore.

Here's what I decided instead.
I've seen multiple people do their book reviews this way.
However, they usually post once a month.
Now, I don't want a gigantic post every month that nobody will even read because it's so long, so as long as I've read some books, I plan on posting like this every two weeks or so. 

Here you have it -- Quick reviews for every book I've read since my last book review.


When Will The Heaven Begin?
Ally Breedlove
When Will The Heaven Begin? by Ally Breedlove is a very touching story about her younger brother, Ben. Ben was born with a heart condition that threatens his life every single day. It tells of Ben growing up, the things he couldn't do and the things he had to do to try to keep his heart healthy. 

It tells about the time when Ben was 4 years old and had to be taken to the hospital, where he cheated death for the first time.

And finally, it tells about Christmas Day 2011, when Ben's soul finally entered Heaven as a final resting place. 

You may have seen Ben's Youtube video, asking us if we believe in angels and God. He did.

                                                I give this book a 5 star rating and would definitely recommend it to a             

Freedom Walkers
Russell Freedman
Freedom Walkers was a quick and easy read for me.

It's about the Montgomery Bus Boycott during the Civil Rights Movement. 

It tells us about the boycott using very descriptive words, direct quotes from those involved, and heartbreaking photographs of what was happening in Montgomery during this time. 

Easily understood, informational text.

3 stars - Only because this book isn't necessarily for entertainment and I'm not really a history buff. 

Because They Marched
Russell Freedman
Can you tell what my middle schoolers were reading about the past few weeks?

Because They Marched is about the marches that the African American people had in Selma, Alabama in an effort to gain their right to vote. 

It begins by telling us about the teachers marching up to the courthouse and ends with the march to Montgomery, Alabama - which included Bloody Sunday, Turnaround Tuesday, and finally the successful march. It gives us a look into the Voting Rights Act and the way that these people gained the very important right to vote.

This book also uses descriptive words, direct quotes from those   involved, and fantastic photographs to illustrate what really happened during this important time in American history. 

3 stars - Again, because I'm not really one for history. Personal opinion. 


Happy to be Alive, Because
Chelsea Jacobs
Happy to be Alive, Because is the story of Avery. She's 17 years old when her mother (who also happens to be her best friend) passes away. 

After her mother dies, she finds travel plans in her mother's room for a trip to where she (the mom) grew up. In an attempt to run away from the pain she now faces at home, Avery takes the trip.

When she arrives at this cute little beach town, she soon meets three people who quickly become her best friends as if they've known each other their whole lives. 

Eventually, she learns a secret about one of them (a cute boy, love interest, to be exact.) which makes her question if running away really was the right choice. 

4 out of 5 stars - This story was a really good story. But I'm not really a fan of the ending. And not because I don't agree with what was just very abrupt. 

There you have it!
More soon, in about 2 weeks?

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