Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Golden Vlog - March

Things I Learned About Myself During This Vlog:
1. When I'm trying to be quiet, I sound like I can't breathe. I promise I'm fine.
2. I say "definitely" too many times.
3. I mess with my glasses ALL THE TIME.

Enjoy. :)


  1. Before I even watched this 1) YOU BEST BE FINE BECAUSE UM DUDE YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU CAN'T DIE! 2) I say Um quite a lot so definitely works for me too. 3) I mess with my glasses & my hair all the time in mine too, nervous tics? If you're Olivia Pope, does that mean I get to be ABBY? Abby is my girl! & when you listed all of your favorite shows I'm like yesss & then I'm like I want to watch most of those that I don't watch already! Causal Vacancy, ME TOO, couldn't get into it! & that's how I felt about the character I relate to, until I remembered Lucy :) & I don't think I ever saw yours & Daniel's room when I was down there & your bookshelves make me drool. & YOU CAN'T SELL BOOKS! That's just horrible. I loved to kill a mockingbird as well! I should really re-read it again!

    Okay, I'm heading back to Scandal and how much I hate a certain character now, love you byeeeeeeeee!

  2. Abby is pretty freaking awesome, I gotta give her that. Which shows do you want to watch?! I will let you know if they're super good, or just good. Because there's a few that I watch that are only okay. Or they were really good when they started but not as much anymore. Oooo have you ever heard of Sidereel? That's how I keep track of my shows. I think you can become friends so you can see how many shows I've seen. I may or may not be "tracking" 72 shows. This includes what I'm watching currently and everything that I've seen every single episode of. It does NOT include things like Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Mom, etc that I eventually gave up on. It's bad though. I think I have over 20 current tv shows. Good thing a couple of my shows have concluded or got cancelled this season. Haha.

    Also, Daniel told me the first thing he wants to do when we move is get me another bookshelf. :) He told me I'm not allowed to buy anymore books until then because we have nowhere to put them and that'll just make boxes heavier. lol

  3. Olivia Pope is amazing! :) I love shonda too. Grey's always makes me cry! Picking favorite for books was impossible...and tv shows was just about as hard. ha! Thanks for linking up again!


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