Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals, No Joke!

So, I'm done with blogging.
I just can't handle it anymore.

April Fools!

Haha lame, I know.
But I had to put something here before I told you all about my goals for the month!
(These are real goals by the way, joke's over.)

mental health// Begin the journey of medication for my anxiety/depression.
I am seeing someone on the 15th to talk about getting medication. 
My anxiety has gotten slightly better, but it's uncovered a lot of depression.
So, I'm going back on meds. But hopefully this time I can be a little more responsible with it.

physical health & weight// Log all my meals on MyFitnessPal and be under my goal for 4/7 days a week

Maybe this will be a little easier. 
Stick to 4 days a week, instead of expecting to be under my goal every day.
Because let's be honest...some days that's just not going to happen.

relationships// TBA

I have a goal. But, thanks to some of my real life friends that I know read my blog, I cannot say on here. Yet. All I can say is it's already in the works, so if it's not completed by the end of the month, we have a problem.

faith// No Complaining

Okay, I couldn't find a way to narrow down my wording on this one, so that's just how I'm going to word it. Meghan and I's "No" month this month is no complaining. Which, let's be honest, I'm going to fail. BUT here's the idea behind it. Obviously, some amount of complaining is healthy, so we will have each other to be sounding boards. However, complaining like "I don't want to get up this early" is just annoying and I want to be able to see the good and the God in these situations. For example: "I don't want to get up this early" could easily be turned into "Thank you God for allowing me to live another day. And wow! Look how much extra time I have to get ready!" Get it? Yes? Well, that's the idea here. 

money// Get caught back up after our trip

This month is going to be super tight because of our trip at the end. After that I want to be able to get caught back up on everything. It'll be pretty hard. But I want to do my best. Just try to get it to work. I can't even think of another one. Haha.

project pinterest// spring bulletin boards in my classroom

I won't use bulletin boards as my Project Pinterest every month, because that's just cheating. But I hardly ever change my bulletin boards (oops) so I want to make cute Spring-y ones. That's going to count.

savings goal// $119


  1. You'll do great on your goals! My fitness pal has helped me sooo much!

  2. Want to be friends? I'm going to need motivation!


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