Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Goal Re-cap goals were a joke this month.
Fail. Fail. Fail. and oh yeah, Fail.
Bahahaha. Let's recap, shall we?

mental health// Begin the journey of medication for my anxiety/depression.
Well, this I did. I've been on medication for about 2 weeks now. It's technically too early to say whether they work or not, but they're seeming to. I've felt better, had more energy/motivation, and felt less anxious.

physical health & weight// Log all my meals on MyFitnessPal and be under my goal for 4/7 days a week

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think I logged one day.

relationships// TBA

Oh yeah, I did this too! I bought Meghan her favorite Brantley Gilbert shirt for her birthday. She bought it when she visited me and took me to his concert, but lost it at the arena. So I replaced it. :) I was pretty proud of myself for this one.

faith// No Complaining


money// Get caught back up after our trip

Hey! I did this too. Go me. 

project pinterest// spring bulletin boards in my classroom

Yes ma'am (or sir)

savings goal// $119

No. Because catching up after our trip took quite a bit, plus I had to pay the first round of Daniel's tuition. Hopefully we can get back on track at some point, because we're definitely behind (had to pull some out for the trip) but we'll see. 

1 comment:

  1. I was pretty pleased with your relationship goal too :)

    & let's not talk about the no complaining k? Being sick the last part of the month just made it an epic fail.


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