Friday, May 1, 2015

May Flowers

Fingers crossed that my May goals go a bit smoother than my April goals, yes?

mental health// No Weigh May
I did this last year and it was semi-successful. The first couple weeks were me being super anxious about not being able to weigh myself. Eventually I stopped caring quite as much. When I was weighed May 30th (I had a doctor's appointment) I hadn't lost any weight. But I had gained a lot more perspective. So, here's to trying that again. Hopefully this time I'm able to lose some weight too.

physical health & weight// Physical exercise for 30+ minutes, 3 times a week.

Apparently my goals for this have been too specific, because I've been failing. So, I'll broaden it and just say "physical exercise" lol

relationships// Undecided - Brothers' birthday
My brothers turn 19 on the 31st. I want to do something semi-nice for them, but I'm not 
sure what yet.

faith// Catch up on reading the Bible
Daniel and I are doing a "Bible in a Year" plan, but we've gotten super behind. I want us to catch back up! I need to make this a better habit.

money// Figure out all the specifics for how my June money will work out.
June will potentially bring a lot of change, maybe even financially. We are hoping to move, so we need to figure out the whole "part month rent" thing and how to make that work. I also need to figure out if I'm going to tutor/teach summer school for extra cash. Decide what hours I want to do at my third job over summer break. That kind of stuff.

project pinterest// TBD

This was a lot harder than I thought it'd be! Maybe I'll do a dessert or a drink this time.

savings goal// I don't know....$136?
It's something like that. I'm too lazy to find my notebook and look it up right now. Ideally I'll just get some put in there. I know I won't be caught up this month...


  1. We've hit the like almost only three months til we see each other point, that makes me VERY excited but sad at the same time, because it's only three months, but at the same time it's still three months!

  2. Also, who told our brothers and my sister it was okay to grow up? Mady turns 19 in September and Matt in October!


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