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Shonda Swap feat. Meghan Anna

Hey everyone!
So, my friend Meghan (You've all heard of Meghan) and I decided to do something a little more fun on our blogs this week.

The both of us are super big Shonda fans and since once a week we swap our real lives for a life in Shondaland, we decided we would swap blogs to discuss her fantastic #TGIT shows - Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and this season's premiere How To Get Away With Murder.

I hope you love Meghan as much as I do.
If you're looking for my thoughts on the matter, head on over to my post on her page.
And check out some of her other writing while you're there!

Hi everyone! I'm Meghan, one of Jayme's best friends and the brains behind Meghan Anna. I've been a Shonda fan since the first time I've watched Grey's Anatomy. I recently realized that she also had a part in making Britney's movie Crossroads! 

I will be talking about the entire series of Scandal as well as the latest seasons of Grey's and How to Get Away with Murder. There will be spoilers!! 

Jayme and I are constantly talking TV, books and everything else along with tagging each other in things, so I wasn't surprised when last summer, she tagged me in a video previewing a new Shonda show called How to Get Away with Murder. I thought it looked really good and then I promptly forgot about it until fall rolled around. We watched it at the same time and texted through out it. There was a lot of what the hell? & do you have any idea what's going? texts flying throughout the whole season, but especially those first few episodes. It's definitely a show that I at least had to give my full attention too otherwise I was completely lost! 

Scandal has been a show I've wanted to binge watch since I first heard about it, It took me until the end of February/early March to start it on Netflix, and within five minutes, I was hooked. It took me less than a month to be all caught up & I can't say enough good things about this show. #FOLITZ. Also I'm pretty sure I was more scarred by James dying then I was by Derek dying. Hashtag priorties people

& last but certainly not least, Grey's Anatomy, I know many people are either a) ready for this show to ride off into the sunset or b) never watching again because Derek was killed off. I fall into the slightly less popular third category of I still enjoy watching the show, and will watch it until it goes off the air, but miss the days of Little Grey, Mark Sloan & company.  The only complaint I have about Derek dying is how he died, he's survived a gunshot wound, an airplane crash & a bunch of minor other things & you're going to kill him off in a car accident? One that could have been easily avoided if he was paying attention to the road as he should have been?! End rant, for now.  

I don't know about you guys, but I'm about 50 shades of done with hearing about Meredith and Ellis' damn carousel. 

& one last thing and then I'll move on. Can I just say that if I was in Meredith's shoes, I would be calling Cristina so fast her head would spin. I thought she was your person?! If it were me and Jayme, you best believe we would be calling each other and we'd be there for the other. Yes, I understand Sandra Oh isn't on the show anymore, but you could at least show Mer calling her! 

We also came up with a number of different categories and chose who we thought best fit each one. 
Favorite leading lady is going to go to Olivia Pope, I want to be one of her gladiators! & um, she's in love with a pretty good looking man. I'm just saying! Honorable Mention going to Anneliese Keating. 

Saddest death for me is April & Jackson's baby. That broke my heart into a million little pieces. Honorable mention is going to the life that Meredith and Derek were about to get back when he was killed off, not Derek himself, but the life they were getting back to. As well as James' death on Scandal, those flashbacks about did me in, 

Least favorite character is going to Scandal's Leo Bergen. He just gives me the creeps. Honorable mention goes to Mama & Papa Pope.

Character you hate to love is Cyrus Beene, he is so two-faced and a backstabber. I never knew what he was going to do and I don't like that. But there was something about him that made me love him too. Honorable mention goes to Huck because he didn't seem to have a problem killing people, but again he had a lovable side to him that didn't make me hate him outright. 

Character you love to hate definitely Mama Pope. I feel at least with Olivia's dad, after the last four seasons, you kind of knew what he was capable of. He'll still get honorable mention though. 

Favorite quote:

Honorable mention for this one: You own me, you control me, I belong to YOU! - Fitz to Olivia.
Biggest plot twist: Pretty sure the whole show of HTGAWM was one big plot twist! Honorable mention on this goes to Mama Pope not being dead. 

Hottest male character: Fitzgerald Grant the 3rd. Hands down. Honorable Mention goes to Jake Ballard. As well as Alex Karev. 

Character you relate to best: Abby. In the first few seasons, she was probably the least talked about gladiator, totally being okay being in the background and then all of a sudden BAM! She came out of her cocoon, I've loved Abby in her role as press secretary, and I completely understand the metamorphosis her character has undergone.

Scariest bad guy hands down goes to Papa Pope. The tone in which he talks when he wants to get Olivia's attention makes my skin crawl!

Shonda show you're most looking forward to this fall: All three. I can't wait to see how Scandal deals with Fitz throwing Mellie out and him and Olivia being together FINALLY! Grey's because I want to see how they keep it fresh, and HTGAWM because although it completely made my brain hurt after every episode, I still absolutely loved it! 

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are & who you'd choose for one or any of the above categories! Thank you Jayme for having me & make sure you check out her thoughts on all things Shonda over on my blog! 

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