Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Blogger Friend Diaries

It might be cheating that I'm using a friend who is also a blogger, but she's one of my besties, so that's gotta be okay, right?!

Obviously, the girl I'm working with for this is Meghan. You can go visit her at Meghan Anna! :)
Here are the answers she had for me this month.

1 | Give us your back story. How did you and your blogger meet?
We actually met on a now defunct journaling site. Another writer was being passive agressive towards Jayme & I refused to stand by and not say anything, We got to meet for the first time in August of 2013 & I also went down to see her in October of 2014. We're impatiently waiting til August when I'll be down for another long weekend :)

2 | Share your favorite picture of the two of you.

3 | What keeps your friendship going?
Lots and lots of text messages, tweets & Buzzfeed articles!

4 | Describe your blogger in one word.
Loyal. She's never once made me question that she's got my back. 

5 | Describe your friendship in a song
Either Find out who you friends are by Tracy Lawrence or Smalltown Throwdown by BG :) 

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