Monday, April 13, 2015

My Favorite YouTubers

The other day I was clearing out my e-mail inbox when I realized my "Social" tab was over-run with e-mails about YouTube videos that I have yet to watch. 

So I watched them.
It took 3 hours.

That's when I realized I should share my love for YouTubers.
Because these people are funny as heck.

So, I present to you -- My 10 Favorite YouTubers.
(In no particular order, because I love them all for a variety of reasons.)

You can click on their names to be taken to their channels.

I said no particular order, but if I was forced to choose my favorite YouTuber, Jenna would be it. Jenna is HILARIOUS. She's got a mouth of a sailor though, which is okay because so do I. She makes some videos that are solely to entertain us with their ridiculousness and their satire. But she also makes some videos that are a little more serious. I've seen every one of her videos, multiple times. She's great. She puts out new videos every Wednesday.

2. Robby Motz on Equals Three
My love for this originally started with Equals Three when it was run by Ray William Johnson. But, Ray left to focus on other things and stayed on as a producer after hiring Robby. Equals Three is a show that comes on a couple times a week, where Robby reviews viral internet videos and makes ridiculous jokes about them. The great part about this is if I watch Equals Three and see a funny video on there, he links to the original video so you can go watch the whole thing and have yourself a laugh. 

Kingsley is a YouTuber that I fell in love with when he was on his own, making videos of himself just ranting about things. He's more recently gotten his own "show" on Clevver TV's channel, called Drama King. He rants about pop culture, then plays a related game with his guest stars, which range from other YouTubers to actors, etc. It's an interesting way to learn about what's going on in the celebrity world.

Hannah Hart is the hilariously down-to-earth host of My Drunk Kitchen. I originally went to watch MDK to see what all the hype is about but oh my goodness, it's fantastic. Hannah is the PUNNIEST person I've ever seen. She is constantly making awfully corny jokes, puns galore. But she also has a serious side...

5. Mamrie Hart
Mamrie is a YouTuber where I love some of her videos but can't even bring myself to watch some of her other ones. Actually, I like her most when she's featured on Hannah Hart's or Grace Helbig's channels. She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh at herself. She also likes to drink, so she posts a bunch of drink recipes, if you're into that.

6. Grace Helbig
I love, love, LOVE Grace. She is all of your most embarrassing moments, wrapped up into one very awkward woman. She loves putting herself out there and being totally awkward, so that others don't feel so bad about being awkward themselves. She actually just got her own show on the E! Network because so many people loved her YouTube. Check her out!

7. Hartbeat
Hartbeat is such a genuine individual. I haven't seen many of her videos yet, but I've loved the ones that I have. She is funny and loves being creative. Like I said, I haven't seen a lot yet, so I can't say much more, but you should check her out.

8. IISuperwomanII
Another lovely YouTuber who rants about whatever is on her mind. She's also really funny (do you see a theme here?) She loves to laugh, especially at herself. Her Grammy recap was perfection. She makes jokes about her Indian parents (respectfully, but also stereotypically) and about life in general. She's another one that I've more recently picked up.

9. Alonzo Lerone
This guy makes me extremely happy. He has a running segment "Dumbest Tweets of..." where he goes online and makes fun of everyone with stupid spelling/grammar mistakes on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. His reactions are everything that I ever think when I see these online as well.

10. React
Last, but not least, the React channel. Now, with React, I pick and choose which videos to watch. They have different segments - Kids React, Teens React, and Elders React. It's exactly what it sounds like...they pick something and have these different age groups react to them. For example, a wonderful one is Elders React to Grand Theft Auto V. It shows adorable old people trying to play GTA and telling what they think. There's also a lot of Kids React based on things that kids don't use anymore, like typewriters, old game consoles, etc. Some of them are really great. Others I don't bother with. It depends what you're into.

Bonus: Bart Baker
Bart makes hilarious parody music videos. Not only does he change the words to make the songs hilarious, but he also completely redoes their music videos. Some of his parodies are better than the original songs! (Though of course some aren't too great. It happens.)


  1. Love so many of these! Going to the no filter show with Grace, Mamrie + Hannah, literally.can't.wait.


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