Monday, April 27, 2015

Live Original pt. III

Sorry, I'm posting on a Monday again.
But I've been having a great time in Nashville, so please forgive me.

Also, please forgive any weird formatting.
I'm posting this from my phone and will fix it later.

Chapter 5 - You Can Only Fix You

1. Why do you think taking personal responsibility and fixing yourself is important?
I think it's important to take personal responsibility because you can't change somebody else. You can't MAKE someone change. But you can make yourself change. Then others may see that and follow suit.

2. What's the biggest thing you think you need to fix about yourself right now? How can you start?
I think I need to fix the negative self talk. I've heard people say we shouldn't say mean things to ourselves because that gives other people the excuse to say mean things about us. To me, that makes a lot of sense. I need to focus on what I'm thinking about myself and turn it more positive.

3. Is there someone in your life who is causing you trouble? Instead of blaming that person, how can you respond to the situation in a way that will help you grow?
I really can't pick a certain person causing me trouble right now. Life's been pretty good.

4. Do you need to work on yourself by changing your group of friends? Who are some people who could influence you in positive ways and how can you develop relationships with them?
I really don't think I need to change my group of friends. I have a couple groups of friends but they're all pretty good people. I could get closer with my church friends. They'd be positive influences.

Chapter 6 - Let Your Smile Change the World

1. How can you change the world in some little way, starting today?
By sharing the gospel! It changed my life. It could change someone else's.

2. Will you commit to reading and posting only positive, encouraging messages on social media? What changes will you need to make to keep this commitment?
I try to do this anyway. If anything, my problem is with reading them, not really posting. My posting has changed a lot since becoming friends with my parents, grandparents, and Daniel's grandparents. But I probably should commit to not reading them.

3. Who inspires you to change the world, like my papaw Howard inspires me? How can you take the lessons you have learned from that person and make a difference?
There's a group I used to be very involved in called To Write Love on Her Arms. It is a group that tries to spread awareness and hope for those struggling with depression, addiction, self injury, and suicide. It's close to my heart and the founder Jamie Tworkowski inspires me to do something about these issues. 

4. If you could change the world in one big way, what would you do? When can you start?
I would make it so that every person has had the opportunity to hear the gospel. I just need to start with one person.

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