Sunday, January 4, 2015

About Jayme

Hello there!

My name is Jayme. I'm a twenty-something who lives in Iowa, but I am not, never have been, never will be a farmer/farmer's daughter/farmer's wife.

I'm what you may call a work-a-holic. I'm a Kindergarten to 8th grade ELL/Reading teacher by day, a 5-week to 5-year old daycare teacher/office worker by night, and I weekend as a salad bar employee at my local supermarket. 

In my "free time" I'm a wife, a blogger, and a social media expert. I read an impressive amount of books and watch an obnoxious amount of television shows. My musical tastes range from jazz to country to rap to hip-hop. 

My husband, Daniel, and I have been together since I was in the 8th grade. We were off and on through high school, made it through a long-distance college relationship, and got married the month after I graduated. We are about to celebrate our one-year anniversary and I'm absolutely thrilled for the many more to come.

I was born in Dallas and raised in Denver, so I'm a city girl at heart.
I crave the fast-paced life of living in the city, but I struggle with extreme anxiety, so suburban/country life is a little bit better for me.
My dream is to one day live in the South, where I can sit barefoot on my front porch, in a rocking chair, sipping on some sweet tea and eating some cajun chicken. 
I'm so jealous that my family lives in Nashville and it's my new goal to convince my husband that we want to live there too.

I'm a Christian woman who returned to the faith February 2, 2013 and became a member at my church this past March. 
I'm married to a fantastic, God-loving man who challenges my faith in so many wonderful ways.
The Lord has changed my life in so many crazy, earth-shattering ways and I love sharing my story with others.
My dream would be to travel Central & South America, spreading the gospel.

That dream comes second to my dream of having a family.
I already have the super hot husband and together we've started the extremely frustrating (but super fun) journey of trying to have a child.
Ideally, we want a boy and a girl, but we will be happy with whatever God provides for us.
After having our own biological children, we want to look into adopting a child and giving them a second chance at life.
In fact, having a child is on my Thirty Before Thirty list. :)

This is actually true. :)

My biggest role model in my life is my grandmother - my mom's mom. She is the strongest woman I've ever met and is always there for me. I wouldn't be where I am without her.

I'm addicted to coffee, Netflix, Jenna Marbles videos, dancing, My Drunk Kitchen, staying up too late, Diet Cherry Pepsi, singing way too loud, chai tea lattes, Taylor Swift, and Young Adult novels.

Life is crazy. So sit back, grab your drink of choice, and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Replies
    1. Haha's kind of ridiculous. I teach, work at a daycare, and work at a grocery store.

  2. Wow! 3 jobs is a lot! And are my lost friend. Binge watching Netflix and reading are my favorite hobbies!! Lol! So glad you decided to join the golden vlog world! I'm happy to have you and can't wait "meet" you in your vlog! :) have a great day!

  3. Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous. But I absolutely love 2 of them so it's alright. We should compare books & tv shows! Recommendations! Do you have Goodreads?! :)

    I'm uploading my vlog post now!

  4. Haha's kind of ridiculous. I teach, work at a daycare, and work at a grocery store

  5. That awesome moment when I read this and could have wrote it for you because I knew everything about you that you wrote about! #boom #bestestfortherestest


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