Thursday, January 15, 2015


reading -- Blogs. Even though I should be reading To Kill A Mockingbird or A Wrinkle in Time before my middle school class today. 

watching -- At this moment, nothing. On my planning period later? Lizzie McGuire. No shame.

trying -- Not to freak out about my middle schoolers. And to figure out what to do!

eating -- Nothing.

pinning -- There's no method to that madness. It's just random things all the time.

tweeting -- Lizzie McGuire quotes. Again, no shame.

going -- To teach 2nd grade in about 4 minutes.

loving -- #fireworkpeople

discovering -- Forgiveness.

enjoying -- My morning coffee.

thinking -- About getting more coffee.

feeling -- Anxious.

hoping -- The next few days go by semi-quickly.

listening -- To the heater in my room and the tap, tap, tap of the keyboard.

1 comment:

  1. Of course Lizzie McGuire is awesome! No shame at all in that!


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