Monday, January 12, 2015

The Rules for Disappearing // Book Review

The Rules for Disappearing
by: Ashley Elston
5/5 stars

You guys, I LOVED this book.

The fact that I read the first two chapters, set it down, then went back to it and read the last 300 pages in one sitting probably says a lot.
Or maybe it doesn't because you know me well enough now to know I do that kind of crazy stuff ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, this book focuses on Meg. Except, her name isn't really Meg. She's been placed in the Witness Protection Program and is woken up in the middle of the night by the suits dragging her out of her bed, to a safe house, where they will be told where they are going for their next placement.

When she gets there she decides that she cannot, under any circumstance, get close to anyone or anything in this new place because it's not going to last anyway. There will be a day where the suits come back and drag her away. She can't risk losing any more friends.

This is all fine and dandy until this hot boy comes around. She tries but she is after all a 17 year old girl so.....

She balances this with a dad who won't talk to her, a sister who is shutting herself out from the world because she's had to move so many times, and a mother who has driven herself to alcoholism. That wouldn't easy for any teenager, let alone one who is in hiding.

But something crazy is still going on. Why won't her dad tell her what he did to get them into this mess? Why can't they live a normal life? What if she decided to leave the program on her own?

Will she be safe?


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