Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 2015

After talking at length with my good friend Meghan (If you're new, you'll notice most big decisions are discussed with her first), I've finally figured out how I'm going to do my monthly goals, as well as how I'm going to connect them to my "word" of 2015.

BUT, before that...

My December goals were as follows:

1. Finish reading the New Testament with Daniel. -- WE DID IT! We're going to start on the full Bible for 2015.

2. Drink 80 oz. of water daily. -- Yeah, that's a fail.

3. Hit 100 miles on Nike run. -- I DID IT! I have no idea HOW I did it. But I DID it!

4. Get my budget/spending in order and get out of debt. -- Getting out of debt is going to take a lot longer, but I've got my budget figured out and we're taking great steps towards being out of debt. More to come.

5. Complete the 30 day fitness challenges -- I did 2 days. We don't talk about it.

So, back to the present.
I've decided that I want each of my monthly goals to fit into my larger "word" of 2015 -- intentional.
In order to make this happen, I've decided on 5 categories -
Mental Health/Recovery
Physical Health/Weight Loss

Each month time will also tie into one of these categories.

Another thing Meghan and I are doing is a "No _____________ Month" each month and tying it in.
You'll see.

January Goals

mental health & recovery// be open and honest at my initial appointment for therapy. 
I have my first appointment Friday the 2nd and if I want results, I'm going to need to be open and I'm going to need to be honest. 

physical health & weight loss// No fast food. Pretty self explanatory. For the month of January, I will not be eating fast food. Hoping that will jump start my weight loss, which is officially part of my overall physical health because I let it get out of control.

relationships// send my grandma a personalized birthday card in the mail. This is where "time" comes into play. I will take the time to intentionally make my grandmother a card for her birthday, as well as to mail it. I'll also call her on her birthday. My grandma is one of my biggest supporters and it's time I show her how important she is.

faith// challenge myself to learn something during each section of my church's spiritual formation. Daniel and I joined a small group for the next 7 weeks that is going to be going through a "spiritual formation" workbook. I want to challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone if needed and learn something new in each "section" or chapter.

money// connect my investment account to my checking account so I can make deposits. Ideally my goal is to deposit $25 a month back into my investment account. For now, baby steps, let's set this up.


  1. i would love to have 100 miles on my nike run app!! looks like you have awesome goals for january!!

    1. Haha it took like 2 years to get there. I just recently started trying to run. It's not going well. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Good luck on your goals! You can do it!
    Also, I love Meghan she's my favorite :)


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