Thursday, December 11, 2014

30 Before 30

My friend Meghan and I realized that we are now closer to 30 than we are to 13, which is a really sad thing if you start to think about it! We talked a little bit about how we haven't accomplished as much as we would have liked in our short years here on this earth, so we decided to challenge ourselves. Here's a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before my 30th birthday. Here's Meghan's list if you're interested. Feel free to join us! Let us know if you're going to make one and we'll help keep you on track, if you return the favor. :)

1. Become a mommy!

2. Be credit card debt free

3. Run a race (5k)

4. Get to a "healthy weight" - (120-140)

5. Reach 2,500 books on Goodreads (I'm at 1,023)

6. Go on a spa weekend

7. Go somewhere exciting for our 5 year anniversary 
Daniel & I didn't go anywhere super big for our honeymoon (Hannibal caves and St. Louis), so I want to be able to take a decent sized trip for our 5 year anniversary. 

8. Start my Masters Degree 
Ideally, I would love to be FINISHED with my Masters Degree by then. But, I don't plan on returning to school full time. I love teaching so I'll continue to do that, but I do want my Masters, so I'll start going to night class at some point (when it's affordable).

9. Ride a mechanical bull

10. Volunteer 100 hours to charity

11. Buy a house
Buy is maybe a strong word. Rent? Something. Even if it's taking out a loan for a house. I want a house with my family, instead of being in an apartment forever.

12. Adopt a pet from a shelter

13. Speak semi-fluent Spanish
I want to be able to hold a conversation.

I haven't counted how many, but I'm sure I have a head start on this list. I just need to finish it.

15. Do a no-spend month

16. Get a tattoo

17. Go to Las Vegas

18. 100 Years...100 Movies (
Same here. I'm sure I've seen some of these.

19. No TV for one week

20. Complete an entire coloring book

21. Be in two places at once 
My dream would be to accomplish this goal by being on both sides of the equator. But, we'll see. 

22. Sponsor a child with Compassion International

23. "Unplug" for 48 hours

24. Learn to play piano 
I do have some piano skills, but my mom was the one giving me lessons so I kind of gave up really early on!

25. Adopt a species from World Wildlife Foundation (December 2014)

26. Go on a mission trip with my church

27. Be a vegetarian for a month

28. Go on a cruise

29. Visit a haunted place

30. Play laser tag


  1. I love all of these, especially #1 because I can spoil your babies and not feel like I have to have my own!

    1. Ugh. If I could do #1 (and afford it) tomorrow, I freaking would. But you've also been around for all the talks recently.


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