Friday, December 12, 2014

Pinterest Lately & High Five Friday

It's probably against the rules to do two link-ups at a time, but I don't want to post twice in one day because then my posts will get buried and something will be missed.
So, hopefully this is okay. Here's what we're going with.

First of all, the one I'm co-hosting, Pinterest Lately.

Rebekah Elizabeth

This Week: Favorite Holiday Hair & Make-Up Ideas
I'd like to think I'll actually DO one of these this year, but let's face it. Probably won't happen.

I've also here-by decided that nail polish = make-up.

That was surprisingly really difficult to find things for. 
If you want to link-up, go ahead and link to your post and check out some other people's ideas!

The second link-up of the day is High Five for Friday!
This is the link-up where I get to say five (good) things that happened to me this week.
This week has been a mighty stressful one for me so this may be difficult.

1. We had our staff Christmas party last weekend and it was so much fun! My team won the Amazing Race challenge, I beat people at darts, and had a lot of fun. A group of us went dancing afterwards, which wasn't necessarily as fun as it could have been, but it was still a good time getting together with everyone.

2. I FINALLY got to catch up on some of my TV shows this week, specifically How To Get Away With Murder. Wow. Just, wow.

3. We did a drawing for Secret Santas at my daycare, which I'm pretty excited about. I was told who I have and I'm somewhat less excited now, because it's someone I'm not as close to. But I'm still excited! (Mostly because this means I'm going back to the daycare next week!)

4. I have officially made it through my last full week of school before Christmas break. Praise the Lord.

5. Plans are in the works to see one of my best friends/bridesmaids this weekend and I haven't seen her since the wedding!

What did YOU do this week?

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  1. I love the first nail polish option! So pretty for Christmas. :)


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