Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pinteresting Picks of the Week

Start the first Christmas as a married couple and add a bell each year!
1. I REALLY need to make one of these. :) 
I love, love, LOVE the idea.
You put in a jingle bell for every year you're together.
Daniel and I are spending our first Christmas together as a married couple this year, so I think this will have to happen.
(This will also be the first thing I actually make off of my Pinterest, if it ends up happening)

2. This made me laugh really hard. 
I've definitely had some of these thoughts.
I want to know what his assignment was!

Set dates and deadlines for yourself, or nothing will get accomplished
3. Enough said.

Are you exhausted? Me too, but we've got this. Head over to the blog for words of encouragement, plus print this free reminder. We're in this together. #unity
4. I'm going to print this out and hang it next to my desk at work.
Or at home.
Or both.

Thanksgiving bulletin board | Could use my Fall in Love with Jesus tree board and turn into this w/o cross.
5. Starting work on this bulletin board in my classroom tomorrow!


  1. LOVED all of these! Especially the exhaustion one!

  2. I have the Jingle All the Way pinned too. I really hope I can get around to doing it this year finally!


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