Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Now It's November

Holy buckets. It's November.

I was going to do a Weekend Wrap-Up this week, but then I realized that it's the beginning of a new month, so I need to set my goals!
Besides that, all I did was go out with some co-workers on Friday, work on Saturday, and church then work on Sunday. Oh, and I learned how to do laundry in the bathtub! #helpmeimpoor

One of my favorite things I used to do when I was blogging all the time was to set goals for myself each month, then reflect back on them.
I'm now older and wiser (maybe) so hopefully I do a little better at working towards and keeping my goals than I've done in the past.

Here they are:

1. Participate in the Winter Reading Challenge
My friend Meghan showed me a blog with a Winter Reading Challenge on it and I am SO EXCITED to participate! I absolutely love reading and I also love challenges.

2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep at least 3-4 times a week.
I know this seems super little. But I definitely don't sleep enough. 
I read a Teacher Blog post lately that people were commenting on about how to beat first-year exhaustion and one of the comments said that at 9:00 they drop everything, no matter what it is, and go to bed.
I can't do 9:00 (at least not yet) but I'm setting a goal for myself to try to be in bed around 10:00 at least.

3. Get moving!
Ugh. I've had a weight loss goal for probably forever and I have not come anywhere near reaching it.
That's mostly because I'm lazy. 
I get sucked up into the internet and tv and don't get up off my bum. 
So, there's that. I'm not going to put an actual weight goal on this month. It's just going to be about getting back into moving. Then when December comes around, we can start crunching numbers.

4. Get more into blogging!
I've loved being back to blogging.
But I still want to get bigger and better! :)
By this I mean, I need more suggestions on blogs to read and I'd like to know if you're reading me too (and if so, what kind of things do you want to see from me?).
I'd also like to make my blog look better, but I have NO IDEA where to start with that.
So, drop me a comment if you feel so inclined.

There's some other smaller things that probably need taken care of, but these are my big goals for the month. Any and all help and feedback is appreciated!


  1. Great goals! You can do it!
    And hooray for blogging :)

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :) I'm really hoping I can at least put a dent in these goals lol

  2. Stopping by from the Facebook group!! Those are definitely some really attainable goals for the month of November!! I think it is totally possible for you to reach them all. Best of luck with the sleeping one... as a girl who rarely finds time to sleep herself I wish I could complete a goal like that! Also love the reading challenge, I may need to look into something like that for myself since I am a huge bookworm. As for your blog look, I worked with Erin from "Love, Fun & Football" to create my blog design. If you are looking for someone to do it for you, she is really reasonably priced and just a doll to work with!

    1. OOH! I also love Erin's blog! & her sister in law's!
      Erin is Love, Fun & Football & Kayla's is My Kind of Yellow :)

    2. Thanks for stopping by! The sleeping one is definitely going to be the hardest one for me to do, but it's probably one of the most important.

      I'll check out the blogs that both of you ladies suggested, as well as yours Elizabeth!

  3. I SO need to figure out what books I'm reading for the Challenge! & check Pinterest for blog suggestions too!

    1. Yeah, I need to figure out what to read too. I found my "re-read" book, because I have to read it for school and it happens to be just over 200 pages. But otherwise, I have no idea. It's only the 5th but I feel so behind! lol


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