Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Day in the Life

I've seen a few "Day in the Life" posts floating around, so I decided it may be fun to do one!

6:15 - Alarm goes off. I snooze it.
6:25 - Snooze second alarm
6:35 - Snooze third alarm (I wish I was joking.)
6:45 - Wake up to 4th alarm, but lay in bed for 10 more minutes.
6:55ish - Get out of bed, go to the bathroom, turn on the coffee, get dressed, etc.
7:15 - Leave for school
7:35 - Get to school, go in and get things organized for the day.
8:00 - School starts
8:05 - 20 minute small group with 4th graders working on reading comprehension
8:25 - 20 minute small group with 5th graders working on reading comprehension
8:45 - 20 minute small group with 3rd graders working on reading comprehension
9:05 - Go to the 2nd grade classroom and help with sight words during center time
10:20 - Go to the 1st grade classroom and help with their reading center
11:15 - Work with one 1st grader on her oral language skills
11:30 - Lunch!
12:05 - Teach 7th/8th grade reading - whole class
1:35 - Retreat back to my classroom and spend time regrouping from middle schoolers.
2:00 - Work with a small group of 2nd graders on sight words (Every other day)
3:10 - Go outside for dismissal duty
3:30 - Dismissal is over. Go inside and get things ready for the next day (Meetings on Mondays)
4:00 - Leave school, head for daycare.
4:30 - Get to day care and figure out which classroom I'm working in today
6:00 - Done at daycare (occasionally a little earlier, depend on when all parents pick up)
6:30 - Get home, check social media, relax
7:30 - Eat dinner (Kind of depends on what time)
8:30 - Read with Daniel (my husband)
9:30 - Go to bed and watch tv
10:30 - Sleepy time!

Some of these times are kind of flexible.
And my school schedule works on an every other day type of schedule.
But for the most part, this is what I deal with.
It's a lot.

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