Friday, October 31, 2014

Let's Pretend it's still Friday

I'm pretending it's still Friday. Who's with me?
Really though, even though it's past midnight, if I haven't been to sleep yet, I don't count it as the next day.

I just got home.
I'm still slightly drunk.
And I just found out "Favorite Friday" was a thing!

So since the World Series just got over,
I decided I'd do a sports themed Favorite Friday.

Favorite Sport to Play: Volleyball! I miss it so much. I tried looking for club teams, but they've already started. :(

Favorite Sport to Watch: Hmm, that's tricky. I'd have to say probably basketball, because it's so fast paced and intense.

Favorite Major League Baseball Team: St. Louis Cardinals! Followed by the Colorado Rockies.

Favorite Football Team: Denver Broncos! And no, I did not just jump on the Peyton Manning bandwagon. I grew up in Colorado and have been a fan since the Elway days. My runner up are the Dallas Cowboys, since I was born in Dallas.

Favorite Basketball Team: I don't know. Haha. I don't really pay attention to this sport. Like, at all. Though whenever NCAA rolls around, something in me always starts to root for Duke. No reason.

Favorite Olympic Sport: Gymnastics. It's so crazy what those people can make their bodies do!

Favorite Nascar Racer: Because yes, I like Nascar. I can't watch it on tv. But I've been to many races and I love it! My favorite is Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Favorite College Team: Well, obviously I'd love for Drake to win things, since that's my alma mater. But otherwise, I'm an Iowa Hawkeyes girl.

Did I miss anything?
I know I didn't mention soccer or hockey, but I don't really watch those.

1 comment:

  1. Favorite College Team--Don't really have one
    Favorite hockey team? The MN Wild :)
    Favorite NASCAR driver--Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, & Kasey Kahne. Jr is one of my drivers too.
    Favorite Olympic Sport to watch? I love the snowboarding and skiing!
    Favorite MLB team? The Twins. Although I think I attract Cardinals fans, because that's one of my other friend's teams too!


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